AIESEC International, abbreviated "AI", is the utlimate governing body of AIESEC, in charge of the global coordination of all MC's and the whole AIESEC organization. For the 2008-2009 term, AI is comprised of:

Aman Jain VP External Relations

Aditya Kumar Information Management Project Manager

Alejandra Laiton VP Communication

Annika Rudback Director, MENA

Cindy Rocha Non Corporate Manager

Deepti Chadda VP Exchange Management

Emil Mihaylov Ivanov Global Alumni Relations Manager

Ellen Koenig User Support and Education manager

Ewelina Szopińska Global Partnership Manager

Felipe Cardenas Director, IGN

Juan Cajiao President

Kate Hanlon Director, WENA

Konrad Plechowski VP Information Management

Laura Johnson VP Finance and Legal Affairs

Lucy Symons Chief Comm. and Networks Officer

Li Zhen Director, AP

Monica Costea Director, CEE

Mauricio Schneider VP Org. Dev. and Strategy

Phil Oduor Director, AFRICA

Petra Vondrackova Corporate Relations Manager

Sophie Lamprou VP Talent Management

Walter Heredia Global Partnership Manager